At once, I am ready for the new year.

The past year has been filled with different emotions, from graduating high school at the top of my class, to my parents' unexpected divorce. It was a year in alignment with what I set out to do: graduate, read at least 20 books, get a job, and becoming more intentional with my actions.

Learning was my primary motivator, having come to realize the pursuit of wisdom is the noblest of all. With this in mind, I read 29 books, and got a job which taught me a lot about the driving factors of the business world.

It was wrong, however, for me to assume that my current job would continue to drive me for longer than six months. While it has taught me well, it has just as well helped me realize what I am missing from my day-to-day. Entrepreneurship.

Ever since I was 13 years old, I wanted to start a business, be an entrepeneur, and be busy. Back then, it was about building the best gaming organization I could strive to do. My excitement never went away, and my desire to start a business became my north star in which all my other pursuits were measured.

After building gaming organizations, I began designing. This way, I wouldn't be starting the businesses, but I would be helping them start their businesses by creating their visual style.

This was my notion up until June of 2023, where I had grown tired of designing—because everything looked the same. This was also the same time as my graduation, where I had envisioned to find a proper job as my sole pursuit.

I did get a job, but in the very same second, I lost my north star.

After work, I would no longer pursue my creative endeavors leading to entrepreneurship. I became lazy. I became a dead man walking.

It was all a little too late before I grasped that fact. In December, I took back control of my life. I felt I lacked something. I yearned intensely for the magic of building startups.

I am grateful to be standing with both feet on the ground, ready to run towards my north star until I can run no longer.

For what is life if not spent pursuing the wonder and pain that stems from our goals? Life is hard regardless: least do what you enjoy before it's all too soon.

See you around,