Hey there! 👋

We are now in the second month of the year already. February is my birth month, too. I usually start to notice the sun sticking around for longer now, that is truly wonderful.

The past week has been quite exhausting for me, however. I helped an acquaintance move in to their new place, and it is hard work! There is much to consider: couch, all the necessities such as a fridge, multiple beds, washing machines and all the rest. It is certainly not a two day procedure.

This has left me barely any time for developing my new project, unfortunately. I am determined to keep up, however. Even if it is much of a struggle when life happens.

PIVOT Friends Ross GIF

I have initialized the new project with Electron. I am sure I won't have time to make it look any good by now. As mentioned, though, I am determined to create it nonetheless.

The mission of creating these startups is primarily to learn how to code. But I also want to make them profitable. This is in the works, fear not. I have some ideas to make it work, but I will initiate it when I do not have the burden of helping my acquaintances with moving in.

Do you know this feeling friend? I flew through my first startup, but it seems that I struggle more with this one. I should truly embrace it, and ship it as fast as possible.

I wish to build it on my own terms. Not through mindless tweets about growing x amount of followers or fake growth that might as well be empty promises.

This is why i'm being more deliberate about what I tweet now.

I don't want to promote fake growth, because it compromises what I want to build here. A community of earnest founders that help each other, not by means of growing followers but by means of building together.

Perhaps it is because I despise social media.

The constant gloating about growth is taking its toll on me.

Let's do it on our own terms from now on.

Speak soon,

Magnus 🦚