Hey there! 👋

My new startup is going well. After its initial release, I managed to make an update regarding the categories. I have now added a 'Categories' page, displaying ALL categories to choose between. In my opinion, it makes filtering newsletters easier.

While I have enjoyed updating it since its launch last week, I also allowed myself a few days off to relax from the intense coding hours.

When I start coding, I get completely lost in flow. It is as if with a blink of my eye, the time suddenly reads 2 hours later.

This tells me that I really enjoy working with code. But I am also aware of its drawbacks. It can be dangerous to let time pass you like this. Particularly if you do not realize what is happening.

You lose sense of time and being present in the moment (such as forgetting to take walks). This is simple, but crucial in how we live our lives.

Allow yourself to relax, and to stay in the moment. Take a walk away from the computer after reading this, and leave your phone. You did great.

GIF of a man smashing a phone at his work desk

On another note, you are probably aware that I am creating 6 startups in 6 months. Aren't you friend? This also means that I need time to recoup and figure out what I want to work on next.

I already have an idea in mind for my next startup.

My rough idea is an application through Electron focused on founder's startups and logging their journey. Not a typical journal as you know it, but a neat way to log progress on building by linking entries to your startup projects' 'profiles'. The goal is to make it easier for indie hackers to build in public, because they will have logged all their progress on the app.

Even if it doesn't seem like there is anything to share. We always have many stories to tell.

I am probably overshooting this goal quite a bit. I have serious doubts about making this in just a single month. Especially considering that it be my first time building with Electron.

But I've always found an app quite exciting to build. Something more than just a website. If anything, it will be a great challenge, and the entire goal of making 6 startups in 6 months is to learn how to code well.

→ What do you think about my next idea? I'd love to hear your thoughts

Thank you for reading this issue!

Speak soon,

Magnus 🦚